Let us introduce overselves. Our names are Joe and Marilyn Jerman and we can add a striking new dimension to the interior of your home

We are carpet sculptors affiliated with Carpet Sculpture Gallery in Southern California and a member of the International Society of Carpet Design and Sculpture(ISCDS).

If you have traveled to Europe, you may have seen sculptures before. Some are in castles, and in expensive restaurants. Some are seen on TV shows featuring homes or in interior design magazines. However, until now carpet sculptures have been only for a few. Now it is available and affordable for homeowners. These unique, one of a kind carpets are not just beautiful conversation pieces. They are so well made, they can be passsed on to future generations as heirlooms. Wall to wall carpets can also be sculpted with a design of your choice. You can have a design inserted in a variety of colors, before sculpting it to give it a three dimensional look.